23 January 2012

Of Peer Pressure

I am one of six women I know through various channels who are all due during the first week of February.  One of these had her baby last night and the other is in labor as I type.  We're dropping like flies.

Meanwhile, I alternate between feeling so ready to be in labor and crying in the fetal position (on the inside anyway), "I'm so not ready for this!"

Yes, it would seem with my third one it would be no big deal.  And on the one hand it isn't.  But the idea of orchestrating our life around a newborn so soon is exhausting.

At the same time, I do look forward to those first couple of contractions, the ones that are so clearly not Braxton-Hicks that will tell me, "This is it!"  Because I love me a good birth story and I'm looking forward to feeling this one unfold.  The anticipation is always exciting.

So, I remain torn.  As far as my schedule goes, I'd prefer this little one to hold off at least one more week.  Here's hoping I'm one of the final holdouts of these early/pre-February baby mamas.

But for now, I'm super happy for the latest ladies to join the Mommy club!

This is what are kids are up to tonight.  They're big fans of balloons.  Do you think they'll get all of this energy and noise out before baby comes, leaving quiet, calm siblings for the little one?  Yeah, I don't, either.

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