20 January 2012

Of Preparations

While I understand this newest Little One may not make it's arrival earlier than initially expected, I also have to live in reality and realize it's not completely unreasonable that this baby could arrive literally any day over the next month.

Any day.

That seemed to finally hit me last night, as we went "homebirth shopping" (ie we took the giant list of suggested supplies from the midwives and hit up Wal-Mart for all they had).  On the list was snacks for both ourselves and for the midwives (because let's be honest, they could be there awhile).  I kept thinking we didn't really need to worry about that too much now, because we'd get things like fruit or cheese as we got closer.

That's the moment it hit me.  We are closer.  At this point, the only "closer" we'll get is when it's actually happening, and, frankly, I'm not sending my man to the grocery store for a fruit tray while this baby is working itself out.  So that was it, we have to be prepared.  We need this stuff on hand now.


Thus, in continued preparation, I packed up the kids this morning for a little field trip to the local fire department to have Little Bit's car seat properly installed - something I've always wanted to have done for our kids but never actually did.  So, today was the day.

I thought it would be more exciting for the kids than it was - mainly because our little girl was more interested in watching cartoons in the firehouse than actually oohing and aahing over the big trucks.  Other than the cartoons, a random stream of water pooled on the firehouse floor, which gave her a place to get her shoes wet and make footprints, was about the highlight of the morning for her.

Only a half hour later, all three car seats were snugly positioned in the middle row of our SUV - those suckers aren't budging.  Thus, as soon as I get the cover for the infant seat washed, we will be officially prepared to haul three children around town and beyond.

So here we are, not holding our breaths, but realizing we really are prepared for this baby.

Well, except for that darn crib.  It's still not assembled.  But we do own a mattress now, does that count?

Photos of the two days of preparation:
All our supplies ready and waiting in the corner of our bedroom.  The giant brown box is my "birth kit" we had to order, which contains all the little things (right down to the knit cap for baby) they typically have for a hospital birth which we'll also need here at home.  And, yes, those are adult diapers in the picture.  Don't ask how awkward those are to buy - but they were recommended.

Philip, being a good husband and inflating my birth ball.  We might not have done this task so early if I didn't need to be leaning on it to encourage this baby to face the right way (it's head down, but facing forward, whereas it will be easier on everyone if it faces my back).

This is exhausting work.  He takes good care of me!

 At the fire station, Emmett got to sit up in the big seat.  Micaiah was offered the position, as well, but she played the shy card and said she was scared.  Then proceeded to change her mind about twelve times.  The end result was no sitting in the fire truck for her.

 I'm pretty sure this was about the time she was telling me, "I want to go inside and watch cartoons."  Surrounded by cool fire trucks and that's all she can think of - nothing impresses this girl.

 Emmett had fun playing with the stream of water, too (which you can't see in this picture, but was close to where he was standing).  Again, cool uniforms to see and it's all about the puddle.  Sigh.  My kids.

 Well, at least they were excited about the "badges" and coloring books the firemen gave them.  Maybe there is hope for them yet.

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