31 January 2012

Of a Lazy Day

Today was a lazy day in our house.  I was telling myself it would be convenient if the baby came tomorrow because today just felt like a Friday and I'm ready to stay home with my family for a little while.  Alas, it most likely isn't so.

Either way, my waking way earlier than my body really wanted to and feeling rather uncomfortable when doing anything other than sitting or reclining (I'm pretty sure if this baby dropped any lower, that would be what they in the medical profession like to call "birth" - it seriously can't have anywhere else to go), led to a morning of whatever would keep the kids distracted so I could lay on the couch reading a magazine and, all-around, not moving.

Thus, Micaiah spent the hours before lunch doing one of her ultimate favorite activities: playing on the iPad; and when Emmett got bored of looking over her shoulder, he begged for Dora - and I happily obliged.

The evening has been filled with game playing and contraction counting - which is quite a fruitless activity as they are anything but regular (or intense) - which actually renders them annoying at this stage.  If you're not bringing a baby into the world, I don't want to deal with you - go away (that's what I say to those lame Braxton-Hicks).

So, we keep waiting - not really anxiously - we're not to the point of pulling out every old wives' tale in the book to encourage labor.  Just waiting.  Knowing it will come.  Someday.  But not today.

Also on the agenda today, apparently, Emmett added knocking himself silly.  I truly think he was trying to get a concussion (a plan which, fortunately, failed).  This is the photo after his first goose egg of the morning (it looks like a shadow on his forehead in this picture, but it's not, it's a ginormous bruise), when he tripped while toting in a stool for sitting to watch his beloved Dora.  The second (not pictured), landed in a direct line above the first when he tried to bend over near the entertainment center and banged his head on the edge.  This kid needs a helmet, clearly.

This picture encompasses the most work I did all day, de-seeding three pomegranates - my first experience with the fruit - ever.  It made me feel exotic, encouraging the blood-red seeds from their rind and, later, adding a few to my yogurt.  Quite a pleasure, indeed.

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