01 February 2012

Of Taking it Easy

I feel I may have, unintentionally, misled a few folks.  By talking of this baby arriving "any day now" for over a week now, I meant to be more understanding of the fact that a "due date" is really a guesstimate and the baby could, realistically, arrive at any point two weeks before or after (well, clearly, earlier or later is possible, as well, but as far as the general world of birthing babies is concerned, a two week buffer is pretty typical).

However, I have apparently given others the impression that this baby should have come out at least a week ago and by now I'm clearly just running late and need to be doing marathon power-walking sessions, booking pedicures and employing every known labor-inducing trick in the book (and most of those not in the books).

So let me clear a few things up.

Today was the date our ultrasound showed, at Week 20, as a projected "ready" date for this little one.  However, our "official" date remains (since day one) February 6th.  So, as of right now, I'm not even considered overdue - I am 39 and a half weeks along.  Our midwives will allow me to gestate until my 42nd week, at which point I will be sent to the hospital for some "encouragement" of medical means.

This means, I have, in theory, until February 20th for Penguin to enter the world at his or her own pace.  Thus, while, in theory, he/she could arrive "any day now" - it would not be pushing it if this little one stayed tucked inside for another nineteen days.

And, quite frankly, the fact that they draw the line so close to my due date actually makes me a little sad because it would make me downright giddy inside to have a Leap Day baby.  Yes, I recognize that would be four more weeks of waddling - but for a Leap Day baby, I would so do it.  Though, knowing my stubborn and independent children, I would endure the physical discomfort those extra weeks only to have this Penguin pop out on February 27th.  But none of that conjecturing even matters, because the midwives won't let it happen.  Sadly.

All this to say, yes Baby is still inside.  Yes, I am contracting at a ridiculous (though very unsteady) rate.  No, there are no further signs anything is going to happen soon.  And until there are, I'm going to keep going about my life.  After two days of "waiting" - as though I were good for nothing other than sitting on the couch and willing this baby to come out - I'm done.  This baby can come when he or she is ready, but I'm not going to stop life in its tracks until it happens.

And that's that.

Photo of the Day: When I entered their room after nap-time, Micaiah and Emmett were settled next to each other on her bed, where she was reading them The Berenstain Bears.  When I attempted to address them, I was told, "I'm reading the bears, Mommy."  Neither of them were at all interested in me and neither gave any indication of moving.  So, I let them be and continued with dinner prep.  It was pretty adorable.
Also, Emmett was alternating between, "Teese!" and watching Sissy intently.  And every time I put the camera down he would do the sign for "More" and beg, "More teese!"  I love it!

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