17 February 2012

Of Granting a Reprieve

I woke up this morning feeling not-at-all well.  On top of residual discomfort from having recently shoved a human being from my body (and, apparently, having pushed myself too far by putting away leftovers last night), I was now experiencing flu-like symptoms on top of it all.  A day in bed was definitely going to need to happen.  And, of course, my husband, who has been home all week to care for the needs of myself and our three little ones would have to continue in his duties as Mr. Mom.

This role reversal has taken a very evident toll on my man.  The constant demands of two kids who are learning to express their wants and needs, topped with a wife who can do little more than make the brief trip between the bed and the bathroom, and the newest little one who, while mostly sleeping, still needs diaper changes (just like his older siblings) and, at times, a reminder that it's time to sleep again, can definitely drain a man's sanity (oh, who am I kidding?  Just caring for the two older ones drains my sanity at least once a week).

Thus, by the end of day three on solo duty (we were very fortunate to have been blessed with caretakers for our other two for the duration of the first two days of Joey's life), my man was not sounding the patient and fun-loving Daddy I know he can be.  Not at all.

And being that I have missed my babies by being confined to bed-rest, I suggested Micaiah pick a movie for the evening and snuggle in Mommy and Daddy's bed to watch - one of her most favorite activities (if not for the rareness).  Thus, I spent my evening snuggled in next to a dozing infant with my three year old sucking her fingers and watching Alice in Wonderland, while our middle child (we have a middle child!) plunked away on the iPad - and Daddy enjoyed such much-needed alone-time in the living room.

Definitely not a bad way to spend a couple of hours, I can guarantee you that.

 The brief moment before Emmett decided watching a movie was too boring.  

 What I got to spend my day staring at.  Best day ever.

After deciding the movie was too boring.  Our kids are too technologically advanced for our own good.

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  1. Adore that you have three beautiful babies now!! What a blessed woman :)