15 February 2012

Of Getting Used to Things (Again)

I got in the shower yesterday and, as usual, was careful to turn the water temperature down so as to not overheat the little one in my belly.  And then I remembered - there is no little one in my belly.  It's just me now.

After so many months of accommodating for an extra person, it gets hard to remember there is no longer a little one taking up residence inside of me.

I no longer have an awkward gap between my husband and I when we hug.  I no longer have to counterbalance when standing up.  I can bend over without squashing a little one and I can sit on the floor without needing assistance to stand (or, I will be able to, shortly, when my body has fully recovered from the recent delivery of said little person).

On the one hand, having my body back in my full possession is nice.  On the other hand, it suddenly feels so empty.  There are no longer sporadic kicks from within.  When my little guy has the hiccups, I can now only hear them, whereas I used to feel every one.  And this little one is no longer under my constant protection.

The one has become two - and it's definitely a strange feeling.

Photos of the Day: I spent the morning in bed with this little cutie.

Then, his brother and sister came in to say hello.

Totally in love with this guy (and the other wonderful members of my family).


  1. Oh my word!  He is soooo cute!  (I'm starting here and reading backward a few days.)

  2. I remember that one into two feeling being the hardest thing for me after Isaac was born. So strange! I cried the first time I heard/saw him hiccuping outside my belly!!