05 February 2012

Of Getting Ready (Still)

Tomorrow is officially my "due date."  I'm not hinging any hopes on it, but the house is finally spic and span once again, leaving me without that dreaded feeling of, "If the baby comes tonight, we're going to have to do a quick cleaning before the midwives get here!"  Not that they'd care, but I would.  So now we're good.  For tonight anyway.

Just another item on that list of things to do before Baby comes - a list I think is complete every day, until I do one more thing "I'd been meaning to do."  On tomorrow's list: bake another loaf of homemade bread.

Anyway, here I am, the night before my due date, loving the roundness of this belly.  Seriously, my baby bellies aren't usually that cute, so this one, with it's basketball-like features, is making me kind of happy.

And since I missed yesterday's photos of the day, here is the picnic Micaiah prepared for she, Emmett and Daddy.  Notice the minuscule blanket they all get to share.  I love it!

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