06 February 2012

Of the Unbirthday

This is officially the furthest I have ever made it into a pregnancy.  Our son was co-erced into the world a week early (thanks to extenuating circumstances) and our beloved daughter was born promptly on the morning of her due date. So, the evening of this one's precise due date is as long as I've ever gone with a baby inside me.  And I'm doing alright.

My wonderful sister-in-law blessed me with chocolate ice cream in honor of the day.  And I was sprinkled with "labor dust" via Facebook (I'm not sure what that means, but it sounds like fun).  It's almost like my birthday - which is ironic, considering it's most likely my baby's unbirthday.

I woke up this morning loving how gorgeous our house was and kind of sad our baby didn't come through the night so the house could be enjoyed by someone else.  Thus, dreading the destruction of our cleanliness by our hyperactive children (not that they're little terrorists - because they're really pretty awesome), I was shameless this morning in pulling out the iPad to distract our little ones from the lure of toys which are currently stowed in their snug little homes.  Between the iPad and Toy Story 3, it totally worked.  I now sit in a spotless living room that has not been touched by a single toy today.  I know, it's sad.  But I'm choosing, for now, to not feel guilty.

I may feel guilty if I choose the same course of action every day until Arrival Day - we'll see.

Emmett loves to climb up onto the love seat these days.  And when he noticed I was taking his picture, he turned on the "Cheese!"

Captivated by Buzz and Woody.

When "Dia" came over, she was asked to play the role of the puppy by our wonderful daughter.  Emmett decided to take advantage and, after shoving her into the living room, chose to use her as his personal dog sled.

Micaiah wearing Daddy's sweater.

And then I had to include this photo, because Emmett couldn't let someone have their picture taken without "Cheese"-ing in.  And then he looked kind of evil - in the cutest way.

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