18 February 2012

Of Choosing Sleep

Our newest little boy is so spoiled.

When laid to rest in his precious cradle placed next to Momma's bed, he'll sleep, at most for 45 minutes before waking unhappy.  If he's laid in there while still awake, he will not fall asleep at all.

But rest him in the crook of Mommy or Daddy's arm, he'll fall right to sleep - and stay this way for a couple of hours.  Even on the couch or alone on the softness of the large king bed equals a nice long nap.

Apparently the cradle just does not feature the same spacious or warm characteristics of his other sleeping locales.  And, so, in favor of sleep for all, Little Man finds himself nestled through the night right where he longs to be - in our arms.  Someday we'll break him of the habit - but for now, sleep wins.

This is my favorite "newborn" boy shirt we own - he won't get to wear it for very long, so I had to document it while I could:

Grandma and Grandpa finally get to meet Joey!

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