22 February 2012

Of Bookworms

Our home is filled with bookworms.  It is absolutely necessary to allow our older kids to take turns picking a bedtime story each night, because it is quite the privilege.  They will also spend entire mornings bringing books for reading, if we let them (though, to be truthful, we sometimes limit reading time - or at least multiple renditions of the same volume - for our own sanity).  Today was one of these days, with repeatedly hearing Emmett announce, "Ano-er one!" as he continually crawled off the couch and climbed back up with yet another book - sometimes a board book, sometimes a story book and sometimes books about animals - he doesn't care.  If it has words, you need to read it to him.

Love these smart kids.

Today's Reading Moments:

With Gram. . .

Using the LeapPad with Grandy . . .

With Daddy . . .

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