02 February 2012

Of Cuteness in Chaos

It's the one thing every parent knows they shouldn't do - encouraging their kids in their misbehavior.  But sometimes you just have to be glad that you're in the kitchen, facing away when your daughter responds to your husband's insistence that she eat her dinner with the response, "Ugh [with the disdain of a teenager, truly], why you keep telling me that?!"  In this way, when you begin to burst out in silent laughter, she can't see the permanent grin on your face.

Other times, it's a little harder to hide.  Like when your son, who was just seen streaking through the living room with an uncapped marker in hand, gets called back in the room by, once again, your husband, and the little guy sheepishly waddles back in, shoulders hunched, face with devilish grin and marker gripped by fists held close to his face, elbows clinched to his sides, in a definite, "I'm so naughty, but I'm too darn cute to ignore" stance.  Moments like these you try to hide the giggles with a hand over your mouth and poker eyes, but I'm pretty sure the distinct bouncing of laughter is still determinable by a nineteen-month-old.

Like I've told Philip before: Cute kids - that's going to be our downfall as parents.

Photo of the Day: Aunt Dayla came to spend a little time in the evening (a rare treat from that busy lady!).  Emmett turned to her to read the Elmo book when Mommy got tired of it - because it's not so much a story-book as a book of Christmas carols - that he insists be sung over and over again.

 "What are you doing, Mommy?"

PS We received GREAT news today - while this Little Penguin is still hanging out on the side of my belly thanks to that pesky placenta, it is no longer considered posterior!  Glory Hallelujah!

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