21 February 2012

Of Traumatic Moments

Our Little Man was circumcised this morning.  It was a rough time for Mommy, sitting in an empty exam room hearing my baby boy screaming down the hall.  It's enough to make a Momma question a decision on such a controversial topic.  In the end, we're sticking by our decision (not that it matters much at this point), but it still made for a traumatic morning for both Mother and Son.

The evening was much better:

Emmett was checking Joey out - or maybe they were checking each other out . . .

Joey's first Jemima picture, so we can watch him grow.  One week old (he now weighs 9lb. 9oz. and is 21 in. long).

We never took Micaiah's three-year Jemima picture, so here she is:

Our babies.

Grandma and Joey hanging out.

May I?

What a sweet big brother.

1 comment:

  1. I didn't even have to hear Isaac's circumcision and I still cried...we had already decided and I tried to tell David not to at the last minute...pregnancy hormones mixed with imagining my son in the sort of pain I was in!!
    Love the pics of your sweet kiddos!