19 February 2012

Of Hospital Visits

After all the attempts to avoid visiting the hospital for Joey's birth, there I was, one week later, IV in arm, blood pressure cuff bloating itself every fifteen minutes or so, telling myself I'm SO glad I didn't have to do all of this during the birthing process.

This time, instead, it was for an allergic reaction to a medication - one I had woken up the morning before so sure would cure my misery of the past couple of days.  Instead, it brought me here, to the ER, where I had to have further drugs infused in my system, drugs that would make it risky for me to feed my newborn son for the next 24 hours.

We would have to feed a child formula for the very first time.  I felt like a failure.  Feeding times are precious to me and now my son had to have chemically-formulated nourishment from a rubber nipple.  Though not a tragedy by any means, it was too much for this currently-hormonally-imbalanced and definitely exhausted momma; I broke down into tears, right there in the emergency room.

And, yet, here we are, the next day, when I'm getting rest to make up for the lost sleep from our second Sunday in a row of waking too early to accommodate for the needs of my body.  This one, to be sure, ended with much less joy than the previous week, but we are all still here and healthy, and that, to be sure, is something for which to be very grateful.

Photos of the Day: This is how Little Man slept for nearly three hours today - apparently our early-morning escapades exhausted him, as well.

Just for kicks: Micaiah snuggled with Daddy a little after dinner, wearing the hat in which Emmett typically parades around.

One advantage to formula feeding for a day: sharing the joy of feeding with others.

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