26 February 2012

Of His Third Sunday

Littlest Man celebrated his second week birthday by going to church for the first time today.  We discovered just how much he loves the sling.  From the moment he was snuggled in he was asleep - every time.

Partially thanks to the sling and, hopefully, partially because he's getting better at this concept, this guy did great with his schedule today - sleeping, eating, then staying awake for a bit before nodding off again.  Apparently, though, he only needs a solid meal about once every twelve hours.  Every feeding in between was a quick snack before he decided it was all he needed.  He's definitely the most interesting eater I've had thus far.

It's the sleeping, though, that makes me happy.

This was his first church outfit - nothing fancy, but at least he's wearing pants - that's what indicates it's his Sunday best.  Also, he wore the outfit ALL day - which is saying something for this guy.

He even got to stay up late to watch the Oscars.  What a day!

All those awards just tuckered him out, though, and he didn't quite make it to "Best Picture" - I'll fill him in in the morning.

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