20 February 2012

Of Today's Little Things

- I wore real clothes today for the first time in over a week.  Perusing my clothing, not finding myself limited to the small handful of tops which will appropriately cover a belly which has been growing a human being for nine months (or longer), it felt as though my closet had suddenly expanded.

- I keep forgetting to mention Littlest Man lost his umbilical cord on Saturday evening, just shy of one week old.  He's growing just too darn fast.

- After having two babies that look so much like their Daddy, it makes me a little happy inside that Joseph has my ears at least.  Or, rather, my giant lobes - the elfin points, I'm not quite sure where those came from.

 - I spent an hour today with a tiny baby resting in my lap while his grandparents played hide-and-seek with his elder siblings.  It was precious to hear.

- Being that he had started on bottles much earlier than I had previously planned, Philip and I took advantage of this unexpected ability for independence and sneaked out for a date night, leaving behind our precious newborn son and a bottle of carefully pumped milk (no more formula for him!).  Presently curled up on Grandma's chest, he doesn't seem to have minded.

- Having spent the last week dividing and conquering, Philip entertaining the big kids while I nourished and kept company our newest addition, an evening alone, where we could finally come together once again, was quite refreshing.

- Joey has been getting some good Grandma-bonding time today - she keeps finding herself with the enviable job of keeping him awake post-feeding.

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