27 February 2012

Of My Boys

It may not have been so sweet that Micaiah had to be sent to her nap early for refusal to eat her lunch, but what was sweet were the moments that followed, when Joey curled up in my lap while Emmett climbed onto the couch next to me to watch "De-do" (that's toddler-speak for Diego).

Emmett chattered away, following all the commands given by the animated animal rescuer and occasionally leaned over to love on his brother, which consisted of laying his head on the Boppy next to Joey's tiny noggin.

After I announced it was time for a nap, Emmett began to climb down while I placed his brother on the cushion he had just been occupying.  Quickly, Emmett pulled himself back up just enough to kiss that sweet newborn head before saying "Night night."

One of the most precious half hours of the past couple of weeks.

 Giving kisses later, after nap-time.  He just kept running over to kiss his brother and then go about his business again.

Micaiah loved getting up close and personal with her littlest brother as well.

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