23 February 2012

Of Her Brilliance

Philip introduced Micaiah to "I Spy" tonight - a completely new game to her, but she took to it quickly and loved it.  Though she apparently tended to choose a color and then decide, as her dad tried to find what she spied, which thing he chose that would actually be the winning object, rather than the other way around.

Her brilliance shone, though, when it was her turn to find the "spied" item.

During the fifth or sixth round, Philip announced, "I spy something brown."

"Um, my eyes?"

Seriously?!  Like I said, brilliant.

So brilliant, in fact, we've already allowed her to begin her practice as a doctor.  Or, rather, she decided on her own as she chose to examine her newest brother.  First she checked his heart.

Then she gave him a shot (in the leg, the only part I felt comfortable with her possibly poking a little too hard).

Then, with excellent bedside manner, she assured her patient, "You're all better, Joey!"  We didn't even know he'd been sick - she is so on top of things.

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