10 February 2012

Of Belonging

Over the years, here and there, Satan has hit me in my lowest points of insecurity to convince me I am an outcast.  No one cares and in my social circles I am merely tolerated.  These are the lies with which I have been attacked and to which, in helpless moments, I have succumbed.

If anything, God has used this "overdue" Little One to show Philip and I just how much we are loved, by Him and His Family.  We have felt, in just the past week - the week of waiting, watching and hoping - the love of Our Father through the words of encouragement and affirmation, the acts of service and the most unnecessary tangible gifts of those surrounding us.  Our family, our friends, the hands and feet of God Himself.

His perfect timing has allowed us to be showered upon with an acceptance and love we have been told by the enemy didn't exist.  This a blessing greater than any due date or early arrival could have ever produced.

We appreciate every one of you and are so humbled to know you are there to lift us up as we stumble through this period of waiting, simply waiting.

And the ice cream hasn't hurt, either.

Photos of the Day:  This is how I spent my morning and post-lunch/pre-nap hour - snuggling with my two Big Kids who dragged their blankets and pillows to the couch all on their own and settled in with me uninvited (but so welcome):

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  1. What sweet moments with your kiddos! :)