24 January 2012

Of Our Candlelit Hour

Just as Philip and I were about to turn out the lights in the nursery, satisfied with a job well done of re-arranging the furniture in preparation for our upcoming arrival (more on the nursery's final results another day - when they're more, you know, final), it would seem the recent "storm" (which had seemed more like a harmless spring-like rain - in the middle of winter) did the job for us.

We were thrust into blackness.

My resourceful husband had a flashlight in hand and was looking for solutions before my brain had even processed the fact that it apparently wasn't coming back on as quickly as we're used to.  Within a minute or two he even had the first couple of candles lit.  He had much less faith in the power company than I, it would seem.  And by the time half the house was bathed in a flickering glow, I was hoping he was right - I kind of liked the mood lighting.

As we had few other options (as in, Philip's latest video games are, of course, powerless without, well, power, and my laptop, while able to function for at least awhile, is somewhat useless to me without internet), we were forced to actually spend time together.  Thus, we pulled out the strategy card game we've been playing lately and sat down at the table, presided over by three tapered candles, to compete.

While we have been actually enjoying more game nights such as this over the past month, the added ambiance was a nice touch.  Perhaps candlelit date nights should come out to play more often.


  1. I like this!! Too bad we don't live closer...David and I have been getting into more strategy card games in the past year or so and it is fun to have other people to play with!

  2. Sounds like a perfect evening to me!