06 January 2012

Of Enjoying the Weather

Three years ago - Micaiah's first winter - the only snow seen falling in our backyard did not come early, in November, or even during any of the normal winter months.  It came the last day of March.  I was very sad that winter - clinging to hope that one day we would see a single snowflake - Micaiah's first snow - and cursing the fact that we lived in Oklahoma - where we would never have any guarantee of a white winter.

Since that year I have had little to fear - ice and snow storms have plagued our winter months for the past two years.  And it has been wonderful.

And right now, I am praying for a repeat of that winter three years ago.  In planning for our Christmas travels and preparing for a baby who will arrive at the same time of year during which Snowmageddon 2011 hit, I have had not one inkling of desire to see any solid precipitation fall.

Thankfully, the weather has thus far cooperated.  Now, I understand, we still live in Oklahoma - where we can have two blizzards back-to-back with a day of temperatures in the 60's sandwiched between them.  So I hold no false delusions.

But for now, I'm rejoicing in the fact that today neared 70 degrees and praying our unseasonably warm January sticks around for the long haul.

And the family celebrated by taking to the outdoors today - for some late morning play until the kids' cheeks flushed red and an early evening walk followed by Tag in the front yard with Daddy.  Maybe if these higher temperatures feel appreciated they will stay where they're wanted.

Fingers crossed.

 Coloring her rock - the same one she railed at Emmett for coloring until she learned it wasn't off-limits.

 He calls our cat (Annie) "Nee!" - it's pretty adorable.  This is also about as close as he'll get to her at the moment.

 I love family walks.  This is actually Emmett's first time as a participant in the "walk" aspect of the activity.  He seemed a fan.

Emmett didn't quite grasp the game - but he thought it was fun all the same.

 Daddy was getting a little worn down by this point.  This is why I don't play Tag.

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