01 January 2012

Of Our Baby-moon

I must beg forgiveness for my extended absence through the latter part of 2011.  We enjoyed a splendid Holiday with Philip's family and, after, he and I left our children to enjoy a week with Gram, Grandy and Aunt Dia, while we spent a week at home, blissfully alone.   Days spent on the town, nights spent playing games at home.  We contemplated a thoroughly scandalous evening of a late-night movie (without having to call a sitter!) before realizing we were too much of home-bodies to really get any kind of pleasure from heading out once we were comfy at home.

Though we relaxed quite a bit, we accomplished some work, as well, procuring a vehicle large enough for our growing brood and also converting "Micaiah's room" into "Micaiah and Emmett's room" so we could begin preparing the nursery for its pending occupant (well, not that we've started that process yet, but it will happen soon).  I feared the overwhelming amount of "new" might freak out the kids, but they were just so thrilled to see Mommy and Daddy, they didn't seem to mind.

Well, one of them was excited to see us, anyway.  The morning after we appeared at Nenaw and Papaw's to retrieve them, Micaiah climbed up on our bed and asked, by way of welcome, "Why are you here?"  Emmett's tears of anger any time his parents were out of sight did much more for our egos than his sister's inquiry.

And when we arrived home, they were both ecstatic at the new living arrangement.  Micaiah, after inspecting the dismantled nursery, told me, "I want to show you something in Emmett's room!" - to which I responded, "Micaiah, this is Emmett's room.  This is Emmett and Micaiah's room."

Her face almost couldn't hold her joy, "Yeah!  This is Emmett and Caiah's room!" - then, turning to her brother, she announced, "This is your room and this is my room!"

We'll see how long it lasts, but for now the living is good.

PS It has been a goal of mine for a few years now to participate in what has been known as "Project 365": to take a photo each day of the year, to capture all the moments, both small and large.  My determined sister-in-law accomplished the goal last year and has decided to embark on her second year.  As I have long desired to include more photos in this blog, I am aiming to attempt the photo-a-day task as well.

Our new co-habitants playing in Emmett's newly-converted big-boy bed:

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