05 January 2012

Of Our Amazing Kids

I will have to admit: a babymoon is one of the greatest inventions ever.  I feel as though I came out of it more in love with my husband - thanks to the quality, child-free time we able to share - and ready to be a "mommy" again.

I've now felt myself truly cherishing these final moments, days, weeks before our time is channeled, once again, into caring for a newborn and suddenly divided between three, rather than simply two (not to mention time for each other!).  It's these little moments, like snuggles with our little cuddle-bug of a son or playing dolls or hide-and-seek with our adventuresome daughter (whose favorite, and almost cutest, phrase is, "Wanna play wit me?") which are held so dear.

But it's also those moments in which I get to be simply an on-looker which are so priceless.  Like yesterday when I really didn't want to put them down for a nap as they sat in the entryway of our home simply playing together - so happy, so peaceful.  Or today, as Micaiah played on her own and Emmett came to see over her shoulder what she was doing; noticing him back there, she leaned her head back onto his shoulder and he placed his tiny arm around her.  Seconds later, when I thought she was going to yell at him for playing with an unapproved toy, she, instead, leaned in and pecked him on the cheek.

I love these two.  And I love how much they love each other.

Given the above anecdotes, I'm sure you can imagine how the room-sharing is going.  They adore waking up to each other.  When I went in to retrieve them this morning, this is what I found:

It took a full two or three minutes before Emmett even looked up and Micaiah never even noticed I was there until she saw the flash of the camera.  They were both so engrossed in their reading material, as they lounged on her bed.  Yeah, they're pretty much the greatest.

And on an unrelated note (except for noting the amazingness of our children), Micaiah announced this morning, "Mommy, I'm going to go into the potty and make water right now."  And then she did!  In case you're unaware, this is not exactly the first time she has gone on her own, but this is the first time she has done so on this particular leg of this seemingly endless potty training journey - as in, it's been months almost since we've heard her announce her intentions and then follow through.  Just for that, she got not one "white donut," but two.  She pretty much could have asked for a pony in that moment and I might have tried to figure out how to work it into the budget.  Have I mentioned I am so ready for this girl to be potty trained?

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