08 January 2012

Of 36 Weeks

I am 36 weeks pregnant.  It seems like such a milestone and I hardly know why.  In one week this baby will be considered "full term" and, while we still have four more weeks to go until the official "ready, set, go" point, it's really beginning to feel we're here.

I was asked on more than one occasion today if I was ready to be "done."  It's a logical question, really, because so many women at this point are.  While I've never been extremely eager to transition into the newborn phase with any of our little ones, this one seems to be the least so.  No, I'm not ready to be done.

Of course, if I no longer had a growing one inside my body there are certain things that would be easier - I could bend over, for one.  I could carry my older ones with greater ease.  I could clean house without getting winded and I could chase my three-year-old around just because she wants me to.  But at the point this happens I will also be waking multiple times a night to feed a tiny one.  I will be too weary to do all the things my unwieldy belly currently renders me unable to do.  I will be having one more tiny body to dress before we head out the door and one more schedule to coordinate.

Don't get me wrong - I love this little one with all of me, I know I will even more so when we look into each other's eyes for the first time.

But for now, I am very much cherishing our final moments as a family of four before I can no longer remember what it was like.

Also, the baby's room has no crib in it (we own it, it's just not where it should be) - so, see, we're just not ready.

We took a 36-Week Photo Shoot this morning before church.  

And the kids were jealous.  So, it turned into a Mommy and Me Photo Shoot.

They enjoyed kissing the baby.

And Emmett did not want to stop.  He's our snuggle bug, that's for sure!

Love him to pieces!


  1. You're looking wonderful!!

  2. These pictures are all adorable!  You are a super-cute 8 month pregnant lady!

  3. Whoops! Some strange lady named "Tersa" posted a comment on here.

  4. Thanks for the beautiful photos of you and the kiddos.  Much love.