18 January 2012

Of Sisters and Animals

Every morning for breakfast, my children enjoy milk, cereal, eggs (usually) and a banana.  Despite the routine, Micaiah still insists on asking every morning, "What are we having for breakfast?" as if it's a huge surprise.  And if I leave something off of the list, she'll confirm we're not deviating, "And milk?  I want milk."  "Yes, baby, and milk."

And every morning, without fail, after her breakfast is placed in front of her and prayed over, she reaches first for her banana, left cracked open but unpeeled as she insists on doing that part herself, and announces, "I'm a sister monkey!"

Every morning.

It's actually a pretty cute part of the routine.  Sometimes she'll go on to explain that Emmett is the brother monkey.  But I don't get to be a monkey because I don't have a banana (it's enough to have to buy 14 bananas a week, let alone extras for me - I get those if I splurge).  Although, she once told me I was a bear, because apparently that's the kind of animal that eats oatmeal.  Good to know.

My little "sister monkey" in banana-eating action.

On the topic, though, of sister animals, Micaiah is still very insistent that this baby is a girl.  In fact, she's even transitioned from announcing she's having a sister and Emmett's having a brother to sticking with the idea that they are both having sisters.  When we dare to suggest this might be a brother, we are emphatically rebuffed, "No, it's a girl!"

I'm almost really wishing she's right because I'm not sure I'll be able to handle her devastation otherwise.  But I'm sure she'll recover - she does seem to love her Emmett.

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  1. I'm with her on this...I really do think it is a girl. This is based on what you have written in your blogs...So we'll see...Soon I hope!!! :)