22 January 2012

Of Being Pampered

My wonderful husband, who has been working on building a predictable schedule for his body and has, thereby been waking up at a consistent time daily (even Saturdays!), gave me a most wonderful gift this morning - the ability to sleep in - without having to think about getting the kids up!

About midway through my dozing, I heard the door open and in walked the most handsome man ever (that would be my husband, in case you're confused, though I'm not sure why you would be) with a plate of eggs and a glass of milk.  In front of him walked the most adorable little girl with a tray to hold my breakfast in bed.  He then asked the cutest little boy, "Emmett what do you have?"

"Nana!" my Little Man announced proudly from his position next to the bed as he held up the yellow fruit.

With that, they all deposited their goodies, wished me good morning and then scooted off for their own breakfast, leaving me to eat in peace and then get back to resting.  Yes, I got to go back to sleep!  Can you even imagine?!

What made this even more meaningful was knowing there is a good chance this will be the last time I'll be sleeping in for quite some time (I have a retreat I'll be attending next weekend, if this little one does not arrive before then, and then my due date is right around the corner!).  Oh how sweet it is to revel in the final moments pre-baby.

I wish I'd thought to take a photo before I ravaged the deliciousness, but let's be honest, I had just woken up and been presented with food; photographing the moment was not high on my priority list.

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