30 January 2012

Of Another Day

Today was just another day in this house - another day of waiting and of living life as we know it.  The TV was off and the kids just played.  And this is how it went.

- Micaiah and Emmett spent the morning alternating between drawing and arguing over toys - sometimes, when they wanted the same markers or same paper, they combined the two activities.  And, yet, I still heard Micaiah announce, "I draw Emmett.  And it has two eyes and a mouth and two hands, just like Emmett."  As she was showing it to me, she added hair.  

- During a coloring break, Micaiah decided to rest on the hearth.  She pulled her blanket from her room and settled in.  As Emmett waddled in, trailing his own blanket and pillow, she announced, "We're camping out!"

- Nap time, as has been known to happen lately, began with 45 minutes of Mommy continually re-entering the room for another round of spankings and, "Lay down; stay in bed; go to sleep!"  The stress brought on unnecessary uterine contractions, which threw me into a whole different kind of tizzy.  An afternoon bath, though, calmed both my muscles and my mind.  And baby is settled in for just a little longer.

- Every member of this household had his/her first encounter with Brussels Sprouts this evening - and, surprisingly, it was not even traumatic for three out of the four.  The fourth had a difficult time grasping the concept that as a result of his not eating he would be denied a cookie - that actually doesn't happen often for him (and, no, it wasn't Philip).

- After dinner, Micaiah requested to play her "Somic Game" - and my quick, "Just a minute," to hush her away while I read something was mis-interpreted as consent.  But she was so excited, I just couldn't inform her of her error.  So, she played.  And by "played" I mean, she held the remote as Sonic the Hedgehog sped across the screen in the demo version which plays as it waits for someone to push "Start" - she never pushes "start" - she just watches him run.  And when he completes his goal, she cries, "I won!  I won!"  Meanwhile, Emmett stands by to offer pointers.

- And when she tired of this, Daddy got to play his "Boy Game", while the children watched in amazement and enacted, with much vigor, their own fighting off of the giant monsters.  They're good helpers.

And that was our day.  Nothing amazing, just an ordinary day - filled with wonder, joy, tears, anger, hugs and laughter.  Just another day.

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