25 January 2012

Of Encouraging a Revolution

For the past couple of weeks, our midwives have been warning us that this little one is "posterior" - this means the baby, who should be facing toward my spine, is facing forward.  This is nothing life-threatening for us, but it can mean a more difficult (and uncomfortable) delivery.  Thus, they recommend I do this twice a day for about twenty minutes each:

Doesn't that just look like a ball (ba-dum-ching)?  At least, that's how I interpreted their suggestion of being "hands and knees on the ball" - because, um, there's a giant bump on my tummy that won't really rest on the ball, so I was not sure how I was to be on both hands and knees with a giant ball somewhere underneath.  If you have any better ideas, you let me know.

Not that it really matters much at this point, anyway, or so I'm beginning to presume.  Because as of today, it's definitely beginning to feel this tiny human has settled in for its impending delivery - leaving me to believe if it hasn't turned by now, our chances are it won't.  So, definitely hoping for good news at the midwife tomorrow!

In other news, the third of the six of us due next week or shortly thereafter has just had her little boy.  Just in case you're keeping count.

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