09 January 2012

Of Cravings

Here I have gone 36 weeks into the pregnancy, thinking all was dandy and I hadn't even endured so much as a single craving.  But as I poured myself a bowl of Life cereal as a snack this afternoon I realized I was grossly mistaken.  A mid-afternoon bowl of cereal (or a late-night one, such as the Cocoa Cools I just finished ingesting) was never really on the menu before this baby came around.  And while I know cereal isn't the best for me (especially not the Cocoa Cools, but those are an exception to my typical snacking fare), I'm glad it's not worse (like the sour gummies I had to have with Emmett). 

I'm guessing the fact that we always have this particular "craving" on-hand is what kept me from recognizing it as such - it's not like I had to send my lovely husband to the store at midnight for that box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch I had to have.  And, yet, the regular introduction of multiple bowls a day into my diet would be a clear indicator - I have been suffering cereal cravings.

There you have it - I'm a typical pregnant woman.  (At least I wasn't putting pickles in my cereal bowls, right?)

And as a complete side note entirely unrelated to any of the above, here are my photos capturing the highlight of the day - the installation of the kids' "Measuring Pictures" (as Micaiah calls them) which I ordered last month from Paper Coterie on an amazing sale.  Aren't they adorable?  And the kids just had to ham it up for us as they showed them off.  For some reason Emmett always leans forward when he says (or yells, as you can see), "Dees!"  And I have no idea where Micaiah got that pose in the second picture.  No idea.


  1. Love the pics and measurement charts! I'm catching up on your blog, and I'm nearly done, but I have a question, how are the Chia herbs? Also, I adore your new pic on your homepage. You're one hot mama!

    1. Actually, you'll see as you continue to catch up (there are pictures, even!) ;), but the herbs are doing well - well, two out of the three - I'm thinking we're giving up on the Chives these days. Nothing ever poked out of that dirt, sadly. But the dill and cilantro are thriving on our window sill. They spend their days basking in the son and growing ever taller ;)