04 January 2012

Of Doubling Up

While my official "due date" has remained February 6th, our 20-week ultrasound showed our little one as preparing to be ready by February 1st.  I'm not sure if you've looked at a calendar recently (or, you know, remember celebrating the New Year's arrival), but the latter date is less than one month away.  

Less than a month.

I knew this baby was coming, but for some reason, as others continued to inquire about the arrival of our newest and insisted "that's so soon," even in October, I have maintained the feeling that we still had plenty of time.  I knew, though, that when the holiday season had ended, this baby was right around the corner.

And here we are, heading around the corner.  


To prepare for the impending invasion, and also in recognition that a home-birth does not come with room service following the actual birthing process (a fact I will miss about the hospital - I'm a big fan of being lazy in a reclining bed, watching cable television and phoning in my lunch order - sigh), I had announced to my husband that during the month of January we would begin doubling any recipes that could be frozen and saving the extras for baby's arrival.

Today was the first day - the first real moment of knowing we were counting down the days - to cook that little extra in preparation.

Note to self: the Crockpot was not made for a double recipe of Chili.  Good to know.

PS This recipe is called "Chocolate Chili" because of its secret ingredient: dark chocolate!  We love it!  (Further note, if you try to copy it, I started leaving out the marjoram and coriander after I realized they're just not my kind of flavor.)

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  1. Wow! Can't believe Baby Sister Penguin is due so soon! Can't wait to hear how the home birth goes :D