13 January 2012

Of Swashbuckling

So many times as parents of little ones we ask ourselves the question, "Where did they learn that?!"

Today, I had that question answered for at least one adorable activity.

As Emmett sat in Daddy's lap watching him play the latest release in the Legend of Zelda saga (a favorite activity of the kids, actually), I heard him repeating after Link, as Daddy swished his Wii Remote back and forth, "H-ya!"

Suddenly I realized, so this is why he came running into the kitchen today, wielding a cardboard tube, stance wide, yelling "H-ya!" as he brandished his weapon through the air.  Watching the video game character on the screen I saw the spitting image of this morning's scene played out by my little boy.

At least that's one mystery solved.

Here he is, our little sponge, watching his icon.  Later, he dashed around with his sword, beating up the closest object, which happened to be a ball.

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