02 January 2012

Of a Few Final Gifts

Today, our family celebrated a vague rendition of Three Kings Day - which really had none of the aspects I had originally hoped for, other than opening presents.  But it was a good day nonetheless.  Watching our children, bathed in morning light, enjoy the few remaining presents (a couple from us and those which arrived via postal service from my family in the weeks surrounding Christmas) residing under our tree, and taking the time to be slow and extract each toy from its packaging as it was opened, giving them something to do as they waited for everyone else, was quite enjoyable.

It was also interesting noting their differences in attitude and/or age as Micaiah, throughout the day, took the time to play with each individual gift - moving from one to the other and back again until every toy had been thoroughly explored.  Meanwhile, Emmett spent a few seconds with his newly acquired playthings before resorting to old favorites (or trying to hijack sissy's toys - another favorite activity of his).

Either way, enjoying the child-like simplicity of "Christmas" morning for one final time of the season was the best gift of all.

A few favorite photos of the morning:

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