26 January 2012

Of Fondue-ing It

*If you're only interested in a midwife update, skip to the bottom, otherwise, read on!

I realized only a couple of days after picking up my first Food Co-Op purchase that the additional produce on hand would combine nicely with the best use of Christmas money ever - our new electric fondue pot and Melting Pot cookbook.  Fresh broccoli, apples and cauliflower would dip quite nicely into our first-ever homemade cheese fondue.  And, of course, if we're going so far as to do the appetizer, might as well go the full mile and make the entree as well.

I have been looking forward to this all week, and my mouth has been watering at the thought of dipping my Mojo-style veggies into our own homemade Greek Goddess sauce.

I was not disappointed.

After working together to create the Cheddar Herb and Garlic cheese, we made hot dogs for the kids (just in case - no point in wasting fondue amazing-ness on picky toddlers!) and settled into our dipping.

Oh, and that bread is homemade - we had a really ambitious meal!

Absolutely amazing!  We subbed the alcohol in the recipe with milk (and vinegar), because I don't like the bite of the aftertaste.  It was still pretty delicious!

The most exciting part for me was how much the kids actually enjoyed the meal, as well.  They didn't do any dipping themselves, of course, but Micaiah loved her cheese-covered veggies and, later, the potatoes which had boiled in the Mojo juice for the main dish.  Meanwhile, Emmett loved the meat.  So, a fun and delicious meal everyone enjoys - now that's a rarity in our house and makes me super excited about future family fondue nights!

After we finished our first course, Philip and I left the kids to munch on the leftover carrots and apples while we prepared the entree.  They were incredibly patient as they awaited our return to the table and, really, were quite pleasant throughout the entire meal - they honestly did not seem to mind having to wait for their food while it cooked in the broth.  Anyone who knows our kids and their love for food knows this to be a miracle - these kids like to eat, and they like to eat now!

The main course: beef, chicken, potatoes and broccoli.

Watch that fondue sizzle.  Micaiah kept squealing, "Ah!  Fire!" because of all the steam.  She thought it was hilarious.

So, yes, overall, fondue night was a hit and shall return to our home.  I'm not sure we'll ever be able to muster the splurge for the Melting Pot now knowing how easy it is to re-create the experience.  But I'm not really complaining!

After dinner, just before heading to bed, Micaiah treated us all to dessert - a slice of her wooden Melissa & Doug birthday cake for everyone - complete with sprinkles.  Now, she knows how to finish off a meal!

And for the curious, my midwife appointment went well today.  Baby is still posterior, but seems to always hang out on the sides, meaning he/she is not entirely posterior, it's just that my anterior placenta isn't giving the baby anywhere else to go.  Also, there is still hope for the baby to re-adjust when it hits the pelvic floor.  So, just keep praying!

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