29 January 2012

Of Being Ready

I've been saying for weeks now that I am really in no hurry for this little one to enter the world.  I've been addressing the reluctance to enter the realm of late-night feedings and an extra body to clothe before running out the door.  What I did not realize, though I knew I was anxious to attend this weekend's retreat, was this event was truly the one thing holding me back.  Now that my weekend with the girls has passed, I find myself actually ready.

My arms are eager to hold a tiny wrinkled body.

I am eager to see my daughter kiss a tiny head.

I'm nervous about not having a name for this little one, but it's not enough to wish the arrival would wait.

I am looking forward to the first rhythmic contractions - not the ones that will disappear with a change of position or a sip of water.

I am looking forward to putting my breathing practice to work.

I am looking forward to not remembering life before this newest one joined us.

So, little one, we're ready to meet you any time you're ready!

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