03 January 2012

Of Her Penmanship

Had I been blogging over our Christmas vacation, this is a story I would have shared then.  Instead, I'm sharing it now.  And I'm vaguely cheating (although, recognizing this is my project and my blog, thereby my rules, there's really no cheating, right?) on my picture of the day, because it's not something that happened today, but I don't care.  It's what we're remembering today, anyway.  Deal with it.

After opening the last of her Christmas day gifts, Micaiah was settling in to play and began by doodling on her new art pad which came with the lapdesk given to her by Grandpa Ross and Grandma Veta (ie, Philip's grandparents).  Noticing her name written on the desk, she decided to mimic what she saw.  And, thus, she began:

"It's a 'M'!" - and then, carefully inspecting the lines in the letter, she began to draw her own - "and an 'i'" - at which point she drew a short line, topped with a single dot (and then did it again for some reason).  And thus it went, looking between her inspiration and her work, she copied half of her name before moving on to another task (she is three, after all).  Having never seen her attempt to write all on her own, this was an exciting moment for all the adults in the room.  Our daughter is learning and her little brain is growing.

We are so proud of her.

Her "name" is in the brown (if you squint and tilt your head just right, you can see half of an "M", two "i's", a "c", a vague "a" and the clear sign she was ready to move on - I'm not sure if that's supposed to be her face in black or not).  Clearly she's a long way from penning the great American novel, but recognizing she's three, we're hopeful she'll develop her handwriting in due time.


  1. Adorable!! Something to include in the scrapbook.