17 January 2012

Of Waiting Patiently

As of Sunday I am 37 weeks along.  That means this baby is considered full term.  This is the moment I was waiting for when I was pregnant with Micaiah.  Though at the time it had more to do with the fact that I had a wedding to attend at the end of an 8-hour road trip only 10 days after my due date.  So, having her arrive sooner rather than later was a major goal for me.

Unfortunately, being the stubborn OCD girl she is, Micaiah had that date set on her calendar and saw no need to come any earlier than was already determined.  I, however, did not yet know that aspect of my daughter's personality, so at 37 weeks, I figured I had the green light.

Every morning I awoke in anticipation - this could be the day!  And every night I went to bed with sadness - as if admitting defeat - the baby wasn't coming, I might as well go to sleep.

Things were different with Emmett - I had no scheduling conflicts to hurry him along, but he had been riding uncomfortably low for a number of months.  So by 37 weeks I was more than ready to encourage this Little Man out into the world.  And it felt as though any day could be the day.

This time, while still looking forward to our homebirth (seriously excited to see how this goes!) and, of course, holding this tiny penguin in my arms, this isn't my first rodeo.  I have a pretty good idea of how my body works and, as far it's concerned, slow and steady wins the race.  So I'm not holding my breath.  In fact, we haven't even finished shopping for the homebirth necessities as recommended by our midwives.

As with my previous two, I am probably already dilated 3-4 cm (I had been at that point for three-four weeks before either of them came - when I left the hospital after my labor stalled with Emmett, I was at a five - and stayed that way for three days before we induced him).  But I know it means nothing, so I'm not arguing with the fact that the midwives aren't checking (they, like me, know it leads to false hopes or unnecessary disappointment).

Many well-wishers keep insisting that, this being my third child, this will go so quickly and my baby will come out almost instantaneously.

I know otherwise.

Aside from my aforementioned slowness in birthing babies, I know I was a third baby.  My mom's due date was their anniversary - June 3rd.  My birthday is June 28th.  I'll let you  do the math.  And the only reason I came then is because I was induced.

So, again, I am not holding my breath.

I don't anticipate a baby in my arms any day now and I don't anticipate a one-hour labor.  If either happens, I will welcome it.  But, still, not holding my breath.

Picture of the Day:
While I understand this baby probably won't be here any minute, I am at the point where maintaining a spic-and-span home, so it's one less thing to worry about when the time comes, has become a priority.  Thus, after a day of Winter Cleaning yesterday (with windows open to allow in the 72 degrees of warmth which showered the event with an air of Spring Cleaning), it has made me happy all day to see these sights.

 Here's what you may not understand - that table and those counters have been unnecessarily cluttered since Christmas.  Not unbearable, just filled with those little things you don't know where to put so you just ignore.  And now it's a straight-shot of cleanliness.  (Not spotlessness, mind you, but it's much-improved, trust me.)

 Another bane of my existence lately.  This kitchen is typically filled with toys - as in, if I tell Micaiah to put something in her kitchen, it gets dumped in that tiny sink.  Philip spent a solid 45 minutes yesterday straightening it up.  I love that man.

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