19 May 2012

Of Acting Spontaneously

A movie I had requested was ready to be picked up at the library.  That's really how it all started.  I didn't even want to go out today.  

After so many weeks of plans and being in and out and running ourselves ragged, this one blessed weekend that remained untouched on our calendar was like a beacon, calling for us to slow down and take a moment to breathe.  I fully intended for us to spend that moment at home, all five of us, none of us running errands or darting to and fro.  But then there was that danged movie at the library.  And someone had to go get it (because, of course, if we're relaxing at home all day, we're going to need a movie to snuggle with).

So, we had decided I would make the most of the chore and take my daughter out for a little Mommy time as she absolutely loves playing at the library (don't worry, they have an entire corner of the building devoted to play-time).  But then there was the issue of our having stayed up until 1am (yes, yes, again) and then after a bug meandered along my jaw at 5:30, I was quite unable to rest my weary eyes with adrenaline and fear mixing in my veins for the next two hours.  As a result, my husband watched the big kids while I caught up on sleep just a little and found myself waking at just around 11:30am.  And I still hadn't had breakfast - and, well, it was pretty near lunch time for the little ones.

And then . . . it all came together.  Why shouldn't we just embrace the day and make an event out of this cross-town trip? 

And so we did.

First, we had to figure out how to set up the stroller we purchased a couple of months ago and had yet to use. Emmett waited patiently while Daddy and I thumbed through the manual and clicked things together (yes, right there in the library parking lot - there's nothing like feeling like a clueless parent for the whole world to see).

Ok, yes, Daddy actually did push the stroller while we were out, but we just needed to prove that getting around with three little ones can be done!  Not that I'd bother with getting the stroller out for any of my daiily errands, but just in case I needed to, now I know I can.

Lunch/Breakfast was at a new favorite for Philip and I - a place we have only visited once before due to their lack of evening hours, but fell in love with for their yummy food, cheap prices and down-home feel.  It's the kind of place that makes you feel like a "regular" from the moment you walk in.  Here's to you, Coney Island!

After lunch and some quality library time, we meandered home with a stop at Cherry Berry - the kids first visit ever.  And, despite their faces here, they absolutely loved it (and everyone present knew for certain Micaiah wanted "chocolate and sprinkles").

They may have also loved the fact that "the Rock and Roll show" (this is what she calls "Saved by the Bell" due to the opening credits - it's a show we watch daily at lunchtime; thanks, Netflix!) was playing on the giant television over their heads.

Joey enjoyed Cherry Berry, too, mainly because he got to spend the entire time cooing at that baby staring back at him from the mirror on his carseat toy.

After naps, the kids woke up to a surprise!

They sure did love romping around in the tent Daddy set up, just for fun!  And I'm really not sure what they're looking at here, but I love how they both wear the same expression.

The evening ended with dinner of hamburgers, pretzels and strawberry shortcake right there on the back patio, enjoying the beautiful evening weather.

And I'd say that itinerary would beat the pants off sitting at home on the couch any day.

1,000 Gifts:
501. Watching the teamwork of ants as they carry a piece of cat food much grander in size than themselves.
502. A movie in 3D.
503. Feeling a part of the "in" crowd.
504. A large bucket of popcorn.
505. Saying good-bye (that's one of those hard eucharisteos - so grateful for the opportunities before them, so sad to see them go!)
506. Re-reading words that have meant so much.

Project 365: The Back Issues - Here's what you've missed:

May 17: We spent Thursday evening attempting to be helpful to our wonderful friends who are now officially moved to Colorado (we're pretending that part's not true).  I'm afraid we weren't quite as beneficial as we'd hoped, but we did get to have a photo of Joey and Holly - who, if you are acquainted with his birth story, very nearly had to deliver him for us (and is now quite with child herself).

May 18: This is one of the roses from Mother's Day, which I thought looked just beautiful glistening with water droplets (after I sprayed the spider mites, which aren't so beautiful).

While I photographed the rose, Micaiah decided to lay down with Joseph while he wiggled in his play gym.  And if Sissy did it, Emmett's gotta do it.  Joey looked a little invaded, but he tugged on Sissy's hair to get even.

Joseph celebrated three months of life LAST Saturday, but we only just got to taking his photo with Jemima.  Getting so big!


  1. What a wonderful day as a family! Now, I'm wondering what movie it was that you went to pick  up...

  2. Haha - it was Moneyball. Now your curiosity may be satisfied (on this point, at least) ;)