29 July 2010

Life can be rough

Whenever a baby wails in this house, we have a tendency to wail right back. Typically, with a mocking tone, we bemoan how rough it is to be a baby - to have nothing to do but eat and sleep all day long. What a difficult life those young ones lead.

It was only last night, when thinking about life through the eyes of my tiny baby boy that I suddenly realized how rough it actually is to live the way they do - to be so totally helpless and impotent to fulfill your own wants and needs. Especially at his age, when he can barely move his own head. If he's uncomfortable, he can't fix it and he has no way of effectively communicating his discomfort other than to cry - which at times seems to be overdone, so if your plight isn't completely obvious you're simply shrugged off as a fussy baby.

You can't eat unless someone else decides you're ready. If you're hot, you can't take off a blanket. If you're cold, you can't throw on a blanket. If you're gassy you can't get that out. If you're on your belly you can't get to your back. If you're on your back you can't get to your belly. If your sister is looking for an easy target for her sticker parade, your become open game.

You are completely dependent on the will of another person. And that can be rough.

Truth be told, I've never heard of any adult in that position for one reason or another who is grateful to be incapable of independence.

I'd cry too if I were in his place.

In other news - after his 10pm feeding last night he didn't ask to eat again until 5am! We may or may not have had another episode of sleep panic, but it's always exciting to discover your baby really did sleep for more than five hours.

So, here's to another restful night!

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