10 September 2010

Of Life Lessons

Today was a good day.

We celebrated two years of life with our first little bundle of joy.

I decided, as today was her today, I wanted it to be her dream day.  So, yes, there was more junk food than I like to think of (and who knew what kinds of things Fruity Pebbles did to a toddler's diaper?!) and, yes, there was an amount of T.V. watching that would turn our children morbidly obese within an unimaginably short amount of time if it was a regular event - and, yes, before you can ask, it makes me sad that this was her activity of choice all day long - but there were also heart-happy moments playing in the park, prideful times of watching my new two-year-old work three puzzles on her own (we're talking wooden puzzles where the missing picture is on the board so she has a better idea of where to put it, but puzzles nonetheless), countless hugs and kisses and a number of renditions of "Happy Birthday" (for the record, if my daughter approaches you and says, "Go [fill in the blank]!" this means she would like you to sing a song with that word in it - for example, "Go Up Down" means "Sing 'The Itsy-Bitsy Spider,'" "Go Bible" means "Jesus Loves Me" and now we have in our collection "Go Birthday" which I'm sure will be her new favorite).

And by the end of the day I've realized, spending an entire day trying to make her day special was amazingly more fulfilling than the endless number of days I've wasted trying to make me happy.

Go figure.


  1. Love it! I am glad I was able to share in a small part of her day. She is the sweetest little 2-year-old I know...and I am convinced that she could go up against all other 2-year-olds and win.