02 September 2010

Of Tender Moments

My daughter is such a sweet girl.  It's true she has a special talent for causing frustration, especially in her mama, but the amazing thing I've begun to notice lately is that she is at her worst as a disobedient toddler when I am at my worst as a busy mom who does not take the time to notice the gift I have before me - the gift of time with my precious little one.  Time that many others may envy.  And time that I tend to take for granted.

Yet, when I slow down just a little and sit on the floor (in the precise spot she has told me) with her while she shows me every book on her shelf (reading only the ones she allows), I see a girl who just wants to know she's important and who, upon knowing that fact, can actually be obedient and patient and tender. 

And so it is: when I give her my first and my best, she, in turn, is more than happy to give me the very best of herself.

Why didn't I ever think of this before?

On another note, a sweet scene from today:  While I nursed Emmett she crawled up on the couch next to us, lifted my nursing cover, rested her head on his for a moment, kissed his hair and replaced the cover.

Gosh I love those two.

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  1. Oh my gosh Angela! I seriously teared up :o) And I totally agree with the busy = disobedient thing. Remind me of this when Collin is 2 :o)