08 April 2011

Of Being Sick

I should start this post off by saying this: This is not your usual author.  Angela is sick this evening, to the point of not feeling up to coming up with a post.  As such, she's left it to me to come up with something for her blog.  Unfortunately for you, I agreed to do it.  I apologize in advance and I promise to encourage her swift return tomorrow, health allowing.

Today I made an attempt at teaching Micaiah one of the many joys of being small and relatively less... old than I am.  I showed her how to somersault.  Or I tried, at least.  The lesson consisted of me telling her to put her hands and head on the floor, and then I lifted her legs over her head.  Sounds simple enough, right?  Well, she didn't get it after the hands-on tutorial, so I decided to give her an example.

Here's the part where I realized that there's a reason you don't see people beyond the age of 10 doing somersaults (gymnasts and their ilk notwithstanding).  After a short trip up and over, my feet met her slightly open dresser drawer and a container of wipes.  Not to mention my back and shoulders had an argument with the floor.  There was no permanent damage, aside from my pride, but let's face it.  I was doing a somersault for my two-year-old, that didn't really come into play much.

At least Emmett crawled over to check on me... or pull on my shirt, I didn't stay on the ground long enough to find out.  I hope I'm not stealing Angela's thunder too much here... but the little man is becoming quite mobile.  I'll have to be more careful about when I set the bag of dogfood back in the house.  I had to wrestle away not one, but two pieces from his tiny fingers.  Not only can he get across the house in 45 minutes flat (I'm kidding.  He's much faster.  He just gets distracted), but he can find every crumb or crumb-like item on the floor and manage to chew it up before you can get to him.

So between a somersault that left me feeling old and chasing an almost 10-month old around and scrambling to get non-edible, yet bite-sized tidbits away from him.  I'd say today wasn't all that bad of a day.  There is this one negative part about someone being sick, but she'll be okay.  Hopefully tomorrow she'll be feeling great again so that I won't have to cover for her and you won't have to endure further ramblings from me.


  1. So sorry to hear that you are sick Angela. Your stand-in did an excellent job.

  2. Well done sir! I enjoyed your post, and you may guest-author any time she's under the weather. :O)

  3. Hope Angela is all better soon, but the stand-in was great!