30 April 2011

Of Playmates

One of my favorite things lately: Emmett is finally old enough to really play with his sister.  It amazes me because, in theory, he should still be in the "parallel play" stage - as in, if you set him in a room with others his age, they would not typically interact.  Each little baby would be perfectly content playing in his or her little bubble right next to their "friends". 

But when you throw a big sister in the mix, the game changes. 

Now, he chases her around and she runs away giggling.  They tickle each other.  And when they're in the car, their faces light up to see the other next to them, reaching for their sibling right away.  The two of them hold hands, play with their arms, share toys and spend a lot of time giggling.

I know these times of perfect camaraderie will eventually turn into sibling squabbles with just a touch of rivalry, but until that time we're cherishing their friendship. 

And praying that the difficult stage miraculously passes over this house.

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