18 April 2011

Of Great Kids

As Philip and I semi-frantically (we were hurried, but not stressed) prepared food for a gathering I hosted this evening, we enjoyed one of those precious moments.  When Mommy and Daddy are both set to a task and our babies just want to be near us, though are comfortable not being on top of us (you parents can understand this, I know).  Emmett sat in the middle of the kitchen, not getting into trouble, per his customary ways, but just watching his parents hustle back and forth across the kitchen.  Then his sister sat down next to him and, after smothering him with hugs and kisses, pulled out a book and began to read to her brother, "Once 'pon time, a girl and a puppy . . . hahahaha!"  It was just about the sweetest story we ever heard. 

These are the moments when we look at each other and say, "We have great kids."  (For the record, we also say this phrase, nearly without fail, every night as we think back on the day together.)

And it's true.  They have their not-so-great moments, but the two of them are, on the whole, pretty darn amazing.  And they're mine.

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