19 April 2011

Of Signs of Growth

This guy . . .

Has got six teeth (nearly).  And he ate green beans tonight (don't worry, they came from Grandma's garden, hand-delivered by Gram this weekend - aren't they wonderful?) straight up, not even pureed.  What a big boy.
Get a gander at those teeth (the fifth and sixth are tougher to see, they're on either side of this bottom two teeth) [click to see to see it larger]:

And this girl . . .
Three weeks ago, she couldn't get a sip from the drinking fountain at church without a boost from mom (which wasn't easy with her brother on one hip, but somehow it worked).  Last week?  She got a drink all by herself.  And she didn't even have to stand on tiptoe.  See those legs?  There's not even any baby fat left.  Where did my baby girl go?!

I'm working on a theory that they switch them out every week in the church nursery.  Because those are not the kids I brought home from the hospital - those kids couldn't even hold their heads up, let alone eat green beans or drink from the water fountain.

And yet, I'm enjoying the process of seeing them develop.  I suppose, if I had to face the truth, I'd probably get bored if they remained stagnant at this age for all of eternity.  At the same time, though, it would be alright if the days and weeks would slow just a smidgen.  I'm trying to soak it all in and this rapidly moving clock is not helping the process.

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