13 April 2011

Of Talking to Ourselves

I love to talk to my babies.  Being that Emmett hasn't quite made the linguistic advancements that his sister has (being 21 months behind her seems to make a difference), my conversations with him, when not resting on his ever-intriguing mono-syllabic babbling, rely heavily on my telepathic abilities to fill in the gaps for his side of the dialogue (and, then, of course, my vocalizing both ends of the conversation so everyone feels involved).

Below is an actual transcript of this morning's "getting dressed" discussion:

Mommy: [Holds up a shirt covered in a print of tiny jungle animals] "How's this?  Is this man enough for you?  Considering it's a onesie, probably not so much, huh?"
Emmett: "Mommy, it makes me look like a little boy!"
Mommy: "Well, that's good, considering you are little boy.  And let's face it, the time is limited when you can pull off the tiny animal print, so you might as well take the opportunity while it's still ok to button your shirt between your legs."

And that's real life, my friends.  Speaking truth to my son since 2010.

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