03 April 2011

Of Tidbits

Today's happenings . . .
  • After three weekends worth of travels, we finally made it to church again.  Like a breath of fresh air.
  • We are officially the parents of a crawler.  Our little guy has finally learned to coordinate his hands and his knees and is raring to jet-set around this house.  Vacuuming daily?  Check. 
  • Everyone napped at the same time.  Most everyone woke up well-rested.  The youngest member of the family, who may have been rudely awakened by a screaming sister (see below) was not quite as content as the rest of us to find himself no longer asleep.
  • Philip (whom I referred to as "The Baby Whisperer" when I our children were newborns and would instantly fall to sleep on his chest after wriggling unhappily next to me) has proven his merit as The Toddler Whisperer as well.  While our daughter, who slathered herself with sunscreen after awaking from her nap a tad early, was plopped into the bathtub screaming, per her most recent routine, Philip looked her in the eye, encouraged her to take a deep breath and had her playing with a ball in the tub within minutes.  By the end of the bath she was happily giggling about the ducky which squeaked when squeezed.  Reason #9853 why I am glad I married this man.
  • My husband made chocolate chip pancakes for dinner.  #9854.
  • We taught Micaiah to play Old Maid.  While there are handicaps allotted for her age, of course, she actually did remarkably well.
  • I had the pleasure of hearing Micaiah yell, "Fi, Fi, Fo, Fum!" while playing "Giant" with her Daddy while I put Emmett in his P.J.'s.  That girl always knows how to make a momma smile - whether she means to or not.
  • There was a good amount of tickling, wrestling and happy screams for a solid ten-fifteen minutes before bed-time.  File under "Moments Treasured."
A day well-spent.


  1. The "deep breath" trick emerged from trying to get her to tell me why she was screaming when put on the potty once. She was too out of breath from the constant crying (does anyone else remember crying so hard you couldn't breath?) that I had to make her stop, take a breath, and calm down a little so that she could tell me what was wrong. I don't remember what it was, when I first figured this trick out, but it's worked pretty to calm her down ever since. :)

  2. Good job, Philip! Great blog, Angela!

    Love you guys.