12 April 2011

Of Stages

I've heard it said, and I've repeated it here before, that when it comes to kids, every stage is your favorite.  I suppose those veteran parents really do know what they're talking about.  Because just when you think it couldn't get any better than this, they go and grow up just a little bit more. 

Lately I've really begun to appreciate Micaiah's vocal prowess.  Her ability to communicate in full sentences and actually hold a toddler-sized conversation is so much more entertaining, even, than the two-bit words and pieces of thoughts which used to flutter from her lips.  Now begins the "Kids Say the Darnedest Things" stage.

It's not even the big knee-slappers, but just the way a little communicator packs all her thoughts into an expanding vocabulary astounds and amuses us every time.

Tonight, after Philip and I enjoyed a night on the town (for serious, we actually went all the way to the City - I wore my fancy dress and all) while a dear couple from church enjoyed our babies, we packed the kids back into the car and headed home.  We asked Micaiah what she did and, excitedly, she told us all she could remember.  It went something like this.

"I see the dog and it get me and I, 'Aaaah!' and he go 'way.  I slide and I swing and I ride the horsey [which I'm assuming refers to the saddle-shaped swing I noticed as I don't recall seeing any animals other than the aforementioned canine] and 'Hee-Haw!!!' and I 'Wheeee!'"

Such was the night in the eyes of a toddler.  Again, not earth-shattering, but if you could just hear her say it, it's one of the cutest things.

In addition, we recently acquired The Beginning Reader's Bible (which we give two thumbs up, in case you were curious).  My favorite part of reading selections to her every night are the little boxes labeled, "Pray the Word of God" and include verses from Psalms.  Every evening, I ask her to repeat the verses after me.  Hearing that tiny voice form the words of Scripture never fails to melt my heart. 

Are they sure the next stage is even better than this?

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