09 April 2011

Of Praising Through This Mist

It would appear that my body didn't remember what it was like back in February and I, once again, have contracted Strep Throat.  I wish it would have asked me, I would have let my body know it was a bad idea, but since when does this old thing listen to me?

Thereby, my absence yesterday (and, might I add, I believe my husband did a stellar job of filling in, but I could be biased) was followed by an early morning (and by that I mean 9:30 - which is early when your rebellious body wants nothing more than to continue to lay in bed while it beats drums in your head and your throat screams at you with every swallow) visit to the AM+PM clinic to endure a throat swab which confirmed what I already knew and get myself a Z-Pack ASAP.

Life isn't peachy yet.  In fact, it kind of feels like a playback of yesterday, but I press on - kind of.  Meanwhile, Emmett-man was a crankier version of himself today and I feared the worst.  Because I would take this bear of a virus any day before one of my kids had to deal with it, knowing I could do little to alleviate this extreme level of discomfort. 

So far, so good, though.  Diaper rash, it would seem, causes crankiness, too, so we're still praying this is all we have to worry about.  And considering others are dealing with much bigger trials in their lives than a sore throat and an unhappy bottom, I'm giving praises for our blessings.

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