14 April 2011

Of Giants

Our new favorite game involves Mommy playing the role of "Giant" as I grab Micaiah, sling her over my shoulder and gobble on her belly.  At that point she yells, between fits of giggles, "Save me, Daddy, save me!"

After Daddy successfully dashes after us around the house and succeeds in gaining custody of my prisoner, I go after the littler one.  The tactic for his rescue involves Micaiah being the diversion, via chasing or tickling, while Daddy pulls the little guy from my arms and they all run laughing to safety. 

Tonight, after the usual fare, Micaiah mixed it up a bit by deciding to be the giant for awhile, which called for Daddy to whisk Mommy away after being chased for awhile. 

Daddy is always a good rescuer to whoever is in peril. 

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