26 April 2011

Of Checking In

Emmett had his nine-month well-baby check-up today.  For those of you trying to count on your fingers, let me just save you the trouble - he is actually ten months old.  Momma just got a little behind in setting up the appointment. 

To prepare Micaiah for the appointment, since she'd be going, too, I explained that Emmett would get a shot and it would hurt a little but he'd be ok, so when we got there, she explained to the receptionist: "He gonna get shot.  He gon hurt.  He get band-aid."  At least we're all on the same page.  Well, except for Momma, who, apparently was wrong, no shots today - but they did draw blood, so Micaiah didn't feel like Mommy lied to her, which is important.

And little guy was a brave man - he cried, of course, when they stuck the needle in, but after a few seconds, he sniffled his tears away and sat courageously on Mommy's lap, waiting for them to get enough blood (however much that is) before they took the needle out.  He did let a few wails go about halfway through the process (he had the slowest-pumping blood I've ever seen) and Micaiah announced firmly, "That's enough!" indicating to the nurses that it was time to let her brother go.  Unfortunately they didn't listen, but Emmett did calm down knowing his sissy was on his side. 

Between the blood, the x-rays (to be sure his hips were aligned correctly, considering he doesn't really stand - turns out he's just lazy, so no worries there) and simply getting weighed (which apparently made all the other baby patients cry this morning, but not my man), everyone was quite impressed with our little guy's composure, taking it all in stride.  No biggie - he seemed to say - I totally get x-rayed every day.

So, besides the standing thing, which we're going to encourage his working on, everything's great.  Weighing 22lbs and measuring 29 inches he is in the 75th percentile for his age - a little less of a chunk than his sister was at this point, but weighing just a tad more than his brand new cousin who was born this very afternoon.  At 8lbs, 13 oz, she has a little catching up to do ;)

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