21 April 2011

Of Tickles

Our son loves being tickled. And I love the way he squinches (it's a technical term, you may not have heard of it) his chubby neck, even when he's tickled on his belly, though it's the back of the neck, really, that's his weak spot. Grazing that one little spot will get him pulling his head in like a turtle in his shell without fail, always accompanied by a giggle, of course.

Not only does he get a kick out of a good tickle, he's learned how to bait his daddy into a good round of tummy attacks. Yesterday during lunch, while Emmett reclined on the love-seat with Daddy, he reached his tiny hand up to grab Philip's nose. Philip responded by giving Emmett's belly a good squeeze. Little man would give a good belly laugh and reach his hand back up toward Daddy's face again. And so the cycle continued. That little guy just couldn't get enough.

And, naturally, the rest of us were tickled by his amusement and his teaching himself cause and effect.  What a cutie.

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